Connecting Veeder to Other

You have two devices in two different buildings on two completely different networks, one that uses the Veeder Root protocol to communicate, while the other one talks Other Protocols protocol and they need to talk to each other. What do you do?

A FieldServer is a protocol converter or gateway that can communicate in many different protocols and physical layers including Veeder Root protocol and the Other Protocols protocol. The Fieldserver acts as a middle man between the two devices. It reads data from one device, stores it internally and makes it available to the 2nd device using another protocol. This is how the FieldServer converts Veeder Root data to Other Protocols data.

It's a simple solution to a common problem that we can help you with.

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Veeder Root

Veeder Root Series 300, 350 and 450 are supported. We have drivers for both Ethernet and serial connections. The gateways are able to serve tank product information, system alarms, tank alarms, sensor alarms and other sensor data. This is a plug andplay solution. Simply send us the tape when you print the Setup report and we will configure your gateway before we ship. Connectors and cables are supplied. More information, Driver Data Sheet

Other Protocols

  • DH+ to BACnet Ethernet
  • DH+ to Modbus TCP
  • DH+ to Lonworks
  • DH+ to Metasys N2
  • DH+ to BACnet IP
  • DH+ to BACnet MSTP
  • DH+ to Ethernet IP
  • DH+ to Modbus RTU
  • DH+ to Modbus ASCII
  • DH+ to Simplex 4100
  • DH+ to Notifier 3030
  • DH+ to Rapid Engineering ICSII
  • DH+ to BACnet ARCnet
  • DH+ to SNMP
  • DH+ to GE-EGD
  • DH+to GE SRTP
  • DH+to XML
  • DH+to HTTP
  • DH+to Telnet
  • DH+to TL1
  • DH+to DF1
  • DH+to DH+ Data Highway Plus
  • DH+to Modbus MB+
  • DH+to Profibus
  • DH+to DeviceNet
  • DH+to TAC I-Net
  • DH+to Omron FINS
  • DH+to DNP3
  • DH+to Allen-Bradley CSP
  • DH+to ControlNet
  • DH+to GE SNP
  • DH+to GE TLC
  • DH+to Kohler
  • DH+to Cummins
  • DH+to Caterpillar
  • DH+to Edwards
  • DH+to Gamewell FCI
  • DH+to Fike Cheetah
  • DH+to Silent Knight Fire
  • DH+to Siemens Fire Safety
  • DH+to ATMI ACM and TGM
  • DH+to Armstrong FA403
  • DH+to OPC
  • DH+to MetOne Particle Counters
  • DH+to Optomux Opto22
  • DH+to Multistack Compu25
  • DH+to SIA Security Industry
  • DH+to KNX
  • DH+to M-Bus
  • DH+to Notifer 320/640
  • DH+to Notifer Legacy Panels
  • DH+to National Time and Signal
  • DH+to Barrington Microstar
  • DH+to Canatal
  • DH+to Stulz
  • DH+to McQuay Microtech
  • DH+to Federal Signal Ultravoice
  • DH+to Mircom FX2000
  • DH+to TOA VS900
  • DH+to protocol
  • DH+to BACnet IP
  • DH+to Modbus TCP
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    Range of Conversion Solutions

    Depending on project requirements select from units with varying resources. and multi port devices. OEM and embedded solutions too.
    QuickServer 1010 2x RS485 1x Ethernet
    QuickServer 1011 1x RS485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
    QuickServer 1020 1x RS485 1xRS232 1x Ethernet
    QuickServer 1021 1x RS485 1xRS232 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
    QuickServer Fieldbus 1x RS485 1x Ethernet M-bus or KNX
    FS20 Series 1x RS232/485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks
    FS25 Series 2x RS232/485 1x Ethernet
    FS30 Series 2x RS232 and 2x RS485 2x Ethernet 1x Lonworks FieldBus Support:eg Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
    FS40 Series 8x RS232 and 2x RS485 2x Ethernet 1x Lonworks FieldBus Support: eg DH+, MB+, Profibus, DeviceNet etcHot Standby Support
    SlotServer 1x RS232/485 1x Ethernet 1x Lonworks For Rockwell ControlLogix 5600
    Lonworks and Fieldbus are options not provided on base models.  

    Connection Diagram

    Veeder Root


    Other Protocols

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    You can purchase some of these items now at We keep stock of most gateways and CAS can often ship for next day delivery. Often we need to do due diligence with you, check the number of devices, trunks, points , network routing and many other factors and thus we like a chance to chat to you, learn your project requirements and work with you to provide the most effective solution. Contact us.

    Configuration and Support

    With CAS you are purchasing a solution - not a commodity. If you ask CAS to do the gateway configuration for you then you are purchasing a solution from us and we will work with you to pre-configure the device, make changes as you require them, keep a backup of your files and provide support for you and your customer when installation is done.

    CAS are famous for a high level of effective and responsive support. We work with you using voice, email and remote desktop applications.

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